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Frequently Asked Questions

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois is soliciting proposals to provide treatment services in the following areas; substance abuse, drug testing, mental health, co-occuring, sex offender, provisional shelter, and residential substance abuse treatment.
You may NOT call with ANY questions regarding the RFP, regardless how minor the question. All responses will be returned via e-mail, as well as all questions and responses posted on the web site under “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.” All responses will be posted by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 28, 2022. Therefore, please check the web site occasionally while working on the RFP, and prior to submitting the RFP, for any clarification issues. If the vendor requested services include urine collection, please reference the link for the Department of Labor wage determination.
In responding to the RFP, you should answer each item and supply all information requested. Section "L" provides specific instructions for potential vendors completing the proposal. The vendor must have a site within the catchment area, which will be evaluated during an on-site prior to award of the agreement. Note: a catchment area may consist of multiple counties/zip codes, in which case the vendor must have a site within at least one of the counties/zip codes identified in that catchment area. A vendor must be capable of providing ALL services identified in Section "B," including local services identified at the end of Section "C," and within the geographical area identified in Section "B." Each proposal and copy must be originally signed.
[Question 1] 3-Part Question
1.) Please confirm that delivery of PR02 is to E. St. Louis office.  The others we are replying to are to be delivered to your Benton office.
2.)  Under PR02, do you require that the offerer accept Pre-Trial defendants who are Sex Offenders? (If so, the bidder would need to include their Subcontract with the Williamson County Sheriff’s office to house them in the county jail.)
3.)  Under Project Codes 4010 (Physical Examination and Report) and 4020 (Laboratory Studies and Report) is this considered a Subcontract if we have an agreement with a local physician group? 
[Question 2] Is a vendor required to provide ALL the services indicated as "required"?  It looks like that would be everything from physicals and lab work to therapy.  If we aren’t able to provide ALL the services are we to subcontract?
[Question 3] Regarding the agonist/antagonist medications on the substance use contracts. We are not certified by the DEA since we currently don’t prescribed methadone but can provide buprenorphine and naltrexone without DEA oversight. Would we qualify?
[Question 4] The "Program Discharge Summary Profile" page in Section J is something we should be completing for the proposal…or if it’s just a summary tool we’d use after receiving the contract and providing the services for a while.
[Question 5] Can we use United States Probation Officers as references?
[Question 6] My psychiatric provider can only provide telehealth services at this time. Will that be an acceptable method to provide those services or will that disqualify us.
[Question 7] The contracts seem to imply that telehealth should only be done when it’s beneficial to the client and not for the convenience of the provider. Telehealth is widely recognized and appreciated now as a key service delivery model when providing healthcare services. Many organizations such as ours has seen their show rates improving significantly for psychiatric services as a result of telehealth becoming available; signaling the likelihood that telehealth is removing significant barriers for our clients in engaging in needed healthcare and improving outcomes. Telehealth also allows for us to balance unprecedented demand for behavioral health services in our community as a result of COVID-19, while also mitigating national healthcare personnel staffing shortages that’s expected to continue well after the pandemic according to HHS.
  • Is it interpreted to be within the rules of the contracts and beneficial to the client, for providers to schedule telehealth services for improved access times into services
  • to assist with removing barriers to attending in person regularly (transportation, childcare, concerns over rise in COVID, etc.)?
  • If so, would providers be able to seek “blanket approval” to schedule telehealth services under certain guidelines vs having to get individual approvals for various clients which creates some added burden on clinicians needing to seek that approval?
[Question 8] I am working on the RFP for the new contracts, and I am have some questions related to project codes that seem to be missing from the RFP. I am not seeing a project code for Substance Use Assessment and Report?
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